Web Application DEvelopment

“Don't think of robots as replacements for humans -- think of them as things that will help make us better at tackling many of the problems we face.”


Course Overview

The course Web Application Development is specially created for students in a very structured and simplified way. Students will be able to design their website and develop the web applications.

  • Workshop Level : Intermediate Level
  • Best Suited For : All Students and learners
  • Workshop Certification : Techprolabz Pvt. Ltd.



  • About the company and trainer

Introduction to Workshop

  • What this workshop is all about

Introduction to Web Development.

  • Introduction to Web development
  • Static and Dynamic Website
  • Front-end Designing
  • Back-end DEvelopment


  • HTML Syntax
  • HTML Basic tags
  • Links and lists
  • HTML Form
  • Media tags

Cascading Style Sheets

  • CSS introduction
  • Selectors
  • Basic Properties – Color, Background, Font, Border, Margin, Etc.
  • Advanced – Gradients, Shadow, Transforms
  • CSS animation
  • CSS media queries


  • Introduction
  • JS Syntax
  • Variables, data types and Operators
  • JS Functions
  • JS Events
  • JS Alert
  • JS Conditional statements
  • JS Looping

PHP : Hypertext Preprocessor

  • Introduction
  • Local Web Server Installation
  • PHP Syntax
  • Variables and Data types
  • PHP Echo/Print
  • PHP Conditional Statement
  • PHP Looping
  • PHP Form handling
  • PHP MySQL Connect
  • PHP Sessions and Cookies
  • Sending Automatic Mail through PHP
  • Online payment API integration


  • Introduction to RDBMS
  • MySQL Database
  • MySQL Table
  • Insert Data
  • Select Data
  • MySQL Where
  • MySQL Delete
  • MySQL update

Projects to be covered

  • E-Commerce Web Application
  • Employee Management Web Application
  • Task Management Web Application
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