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Course Overview

RaspberryPi Based Advanced IOT Workshop mainly focuses on the students eager to learn internet of things and emerging Raspberry Pi technology. They will get the chance to increase their knowledge under the field of designing, construction, operation and application of internet of things with real time hands on practicals. Students will also learn some kind of networking and web development technologies during this workshop. The duration of this workshop will be total of sixteen hours properly divided into theory and hands on practical sessions. At the end of this workshop a competition will be organised among the participating students where each participating student will get Certificate of Participation and the winners will get Certificate of Merit.

  • Workshop Level : Intermediate Level
  • Best Suited For : All Students and learners
  • Workshop Certification : Techprolabz Pvt. Ltd.
  • Workshop Training Kit : TPSKU



  • About the company and trainer

Introduction to Workshop

  • What this workshop is all about

Introduction to Raspberry Pi

  • History
  • What is RaspberryPi?
  • What is Open Source  Platform?
  • Types of RaspberryPi Platforms
  • Applications

Basics of Electronics

  • Resistor
  • Diodes
  • Capacitors
  • Circuit
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Ohm’s Law

Hands on Raspberry Pi

  • Fundamentals of Python & Bash Programming
  • Preparing Raspberry Pi for use
  • Hello to the RaspberryPi
  • Interfacing Sensors with Raspberry Pi
  • Reading From Sensors

LED Blinking (LED Patterns)


Introduction to Web-Technologies

  • What is Web Server?
  • Installing Web Server in Raspberry Pi
  • Fundamentals of Web Development

Connecting Devices to Raspberry Pi

  • Controlling GPIO Pins
  • Controlling Raspberry Pi Through VPN

Hello to the Online World

  • Creating Server and Database for your web app
  • Internet Controlled Devices


Projects to be covered

  • Simple LED program with Raspbery Pi
  • Raspberry Pi Based PC
  • Raspberry Pi Radio
  • Internet controlled Devices
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