PCB Designing

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Course Overview

The process of circuit design can cover systems ranging from complex electronic systems all the way down to the individual transistors within an integrated circuit. For simple circuits the design process can often be done by one person without needing a planned or structured design process, but for more complex designs, teams of designers following a systematic approach with intelligently guided computer simulation are becoming increasingly common. In integrated circuit design automation, the term "circuit design" often refers to the step of the design cycle which outputs the schematics of the integrated circuit.

  • Workshop Level : Intermediate Level
  • Best Suited For : All Students and learners
  • Workshop Certification : Techprolabz Pvt. Ltd.



  • About the company and trainer

Introduction to Workshop

  • What this workshop is all about

Introduction to Circuit Designing.

  • Need of circuit designing.
  • Basic electronic components.
  • Basic circuit designing process and its protocols.


  • Introduction
  • Components Libraries
  • Components properties
  • Creating a new device
  • Interfacing for circuitry
  • Circuit Simulation
  • Connection troubleshooting
  • Half Wave Rectifier
  • Simulation of Oscilloscope

PCB Designing.

  • Introduction
  • The designing process
  • Beginning of a new layout
  • Editing the layout
  • Troubleshooting errors
  • Process of PCB Printing

555 Timer IC

  • Brief introduction
  • Different Modes
  • Introduction of 4017 IC


  • Introduction of Arduino UNO
  • Arduino and Sensors

Introduction of AtMega16

Projects to be covered

  • Automatic street light by using LDR and 555 Timer IC
  • Led chaser (Running Leds) by using 555 and 4017
  • Traffic Light Signals using 555 and CD4017 ICs
  • PWM Controlling of a DC Motor using L293D to Arduino
  • Ultrasonic sensor with Arduino.
  • Dancing Leds from AtMega16
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