Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking

“Don't think of robots as replacements for humans -- think of them as things that will help make us better at tackling many of the problems we face.”


Course Overview

Ethical hacking is testing the IT resources for a good cause and for the betterment of technology. This training will establish your understanding of all the fundamental concepts, processes, and procedures.. You will spend time concentrating on each knowledge area, and studying the tools and techniques, inputs, and outputs associated with each knowledge area.

  • Workshop Level : Intermediate Level
  • Best Suited For : All Students and learners
  • Workshop Certification : Techprolabz Pvt. Ltd.



  • About the company and trainer

Introduction to Workshop

  • What this workshop is all about


  • Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  • Types of Hacking
  • Use of Hacking
  • Cyber security
  • Cyber security act

Lab Setup

  • Kali Installation
  • Virtual Machine for Windows

Linux Basics

  • Introduction to Kali linus
  • Basic commands

Network Penetration

  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Pre Connection Attacks
  • Gaining Access
  • Detection Security



Dictionary attack

FTP Penetration testing


Telnet Penetration Testing

SMTP Penetration

DNS & DHCP Penetration Testing

NetBIOS & SMB Penetration Testing

SNMP Penetration Testing

MSSQL Penetration Testing

MySQL Penetration Testing

Remote Desktop Penetration Testing

VNC Penetration Testing

SWniffing & Spooning

Socks Proxy Penetration Testing

IDS, Firewall, Honeypots

DOS attack Penetration Testing

Social Engineering Attack

Covering tracks & Maintaining Access

Network Vulnerability Assessment Tools

Endpoint Hacking

Extrackting and Cracking passwords


Application Hacking and Trust Breach

Application Reverse engineering

Dark Web

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