About Us

“We are a group of young individuals with a keen interest in shaping the future of tech learning in India. We have started small, but we are pacing it up like never before. ”

TechproLabz have been founded up with a vision to make kids more tech-savvy. Our goal is to give every school kid a chance to work on industry oriented projects. Techprolabz is very passionate about helping kids drive their inclination towards technology, thus the long term goal is to install A series of maker-spaces across the country, where junior makers can convert their ideas into reality.


Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

World is changing very fast, and technology is experiencing a change so enormous that even the top tech companies are unable to predict that what they can offer this world the very next day. Ones upon a time when Apple and Microsoft take on the charge, there was a PC revolution, then came the Mobile Revolution. But now what? The way our tasks are getting more complicated, we are getting more prone towards automation. The world is experiencing a Robotics revolution. The self-driving cars from Tesla and Google, to assembly robots in mega factories. From Humanoid by Honda to the Boston Dynamics Big Dog.

Our world getting automated every day. It is imperative that we give our future generation the knowledge and power to build a better world. India is a fast-developing economy, with a large and growing young population (over 220 million children in India between 6-16 years. WE are working with a mission to make tech-education a compulsion and possible in each and every school around the nation. Techprolabz is on a mission to change the way kids used to learn till date. By the year 2025, we are aiming to connect every school in India to robotics education.

The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action.

What we have experienced so far, is that our schooling system is focused on theory based learning. Every year, we get to see a change in syllabus, and the same content served again in front of kids in a different manner. The knowledge comes wrapped up in a costly piece of paper, known as books, but without any up-gradation. We hate this mode of education, as it teaches us to memorise the things, not learn them. We are now talking about making India digital, but schools are teaching the same 50 years old syllabus.

Thus, we came up with a solution, a mode of education that doesn’t force kids to go through the books. This mode of education focuses on their creative learning, we let them think out of the box. We don’t ask them what to learn, they tell us what they want to learn, and we just help them in making them understand how to learn. So far, we have tried this out on more than 10000 students around the country, and they loved it. They are creating wonders, they are setting up a new trend, they are learning now.

Why We?

Let Our Skills speak for Us

Learning from books and reading theory is one thing…learning by inventing and practising the theory in real life and growing is whole an 'awesome level!' Get ready to make yourself at home with our active team members and great community. Numbers speaks for themselves.









Amazing Team

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

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Vivekanand Prasad (FOUNDER)

Vivekanand Prasad is a Robotics Engineer by Profession and carries an experience of more than 5 years in Training and Developing Robots. He won Young Innovation Awards 2017 by DB group.

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Manish Gaur (Mentor)

Manish Gaur, is a Mentor and one of the key Person behind the Vision of Robotics labs in schools. Being in the education sector for more than a 20 years, He is the one who ideates the futuristic learning.

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Jaynendra Sharma (CO-FOUNDER)

Jaynendra Sharma has an experience of more than 2 years in the field of robotics and training. he also worked in various projects related to robotics and drone.

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Nitika Raizada (Head Of Operation)

Nitika Raizada is an electronic and communication engineer, having experience of 4 years with Samsung India. She is head of operation here at Techprolabz.

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Kumari Ritika (Senior Developer)

Kumari Ritika has specialization in different programming languages. She is the person who is responsible how we look over the internet globally. She has been a coding bug throughout her career.